How to access VIMARS for training

Guide for SpRs and SHOs in Surgical Specialities and Endoscopy

We plan to offer online Google calendar booking of training times in VIMARS in future.


For now, if you wish to practise laparoscopic suturing or procedures, kindly contact Amanda Williams, VIMARS Administrator on 02329286306 or email to arrange a suitable 1-2 hr time slot.

Please state what requirements you need ie. laparoscopic suturing, laparoscopic manipulation, procedures - in future, we will publish the simulator programmes available on the PROMIS VR system and how to access this.

For now, you can practise solo in one of the Storz systems with a fixed camera holder.

We will provide the instruments and needle holders and simulated dry tissue for practice.

We cannot offer wet tissue for informal training at present.


You need to book a time slot and have this confirmed before turning up as the centre may not be available at some times.


Currently time slots 9-5pm Mon-Fri only are available.

In future, we will consider out-of-hours slots but this is not possible at present due to security issues.




Please look after the camera, instruments and stacks well - do not drop or bend the scopes. These are expensive equipments obtained especially for your training so leave them tidy and neat at the end.


Switch off the stack system on the wall once finished.


Dispose of all sharps in the sharps containers provided.


Please do not take away any instruments like needle holders - these should be only used in VIMARS. 


Please inform Amanda or Kirsty or Emma when you arrive and leave - please close the doors behind you and ensure they are locked.